• Lead Teaching Pastor

    David and his wife Bonnie have faithfully served Open Door since 1980. David is the regular teaching pastor on the weekends.

  • Care Pastor

    Bob began attending Open Door in 1982 and joined the staff in July 1993. He develops and manages Care ministry, including funerals, counseling issues, support groups, visitation, grief support, prayer ministries and benevolence.

  • Pastor of Next Generation

    Sara joined the team in October 2010 to oversee an amazing team of staff and volunteers whose purpose is to inspire the next generation to become fully alive in God.

  • Pastor of Community Life

    Al started at Open Door in January 1995. He focuses on helping people discern their next step in the community of Open Door.

  • Worship Pastor

    Joel served on staff from 2004-2007 and rejoined the staff in August 2008. He offers his creative and musical talents to help lead us in worship during the weekend services.

  • Pastor of Formational Life

    Anne-Marie joined our staff in 2015 to help develop and oversee The Center for Spiritual Formation, a ministry which offers retreats and resources that nurture a deepening life in God.

  • Pastor of Missional Life

    Tom is returning to Open Door after serving with GoodSports in Slovakia for the past eleven years. His passion is to call others to live for the sake of others.

  • Business Manager

    Victoria joined our staff in March 2007. As Business Manager, she and her dedicated team oversee all operational functions for Open Door.

Staff Directory

Receptionist: (763) 416-5887 (Mon - Thurs, 9am-4pm)

Direct Dial: (763) 416-5846 plus extension

David Johnson, Lead Teaching Pastor
djohnson@thedoor.org | ext 1189      

Formational Life
Anne-Marie Finsaas, Pastor of Formational Life                
afinsaas@thedoor.org | ext 1400
Dawn Wood, Formational Life Associate
dwood@thedoor.org | ext 1406

Missional Life
Tom Johnson, Pastor of Missional Life
tjohnson@thedoor.org | ext 1601
Rose Larson, Missional Life Associate
rlarson@thedoor.org | ext 1600

Community Life
Al Schuck, Pastor of Community Life
aschuck@thedoor.org | ext 1901
Julia Schirmers, Community Life Operations Associate   
jschirmers@thedoor.org | ext 1902
Taylor Bongard, Community Life Associate                       

tbongard@thedoor.org | ext 1903

Next Generation
Sara Richards, Pastor of Next Generation                          

Amanda Svensk, Next Generation Associate Pastor         

asvensk@thedoor.org | ext 1703

Kathy Collier, High School Associate

Sonia Malmquist, Middle School Associate
smalmquist@thedoor.org | ext 1904

Dave Josephson, Next Generation Program Associate     

djosephson@thedoor.org | ext 1705

Lynn Snyder, Next Generation Coordinator                        

lsnyder@thedoor.org | ext 1200

Annika Johnson, Early Childhood Associate
ajohnson@thedoor.org | ext 1204

Tami Madison, Elementary Associate
tmadison@thedoor.org | ext 1206

Kati Beasley, Next Generation Associate
kbeasley@thedoor.org | ext 1208

Kristine Niznik, Next Generation Assistant                          



Bob McKenna, Care Pastor
bmckenna@thedoor.org | ext 1302

Annie-Claude Toll, Care Associate
atoll@thedoor.org | ext 1300

Peggy Lang, Pastor of Prayer Ministries
plang@thedoor.org | ext 1303

Emily Finke, Care Coordinator
efinke@thedoor.org | ext 1301


Victoria Michaud, Business Manager
vmichaud@thedoor.org | ext 1102

Dorothy Brown, Human Resources Coordinator
dbrown@thedoor.org | ext 1100

Leslie Inkala, Financial Coordinator
linkala@thedoor.org | ext 1107

Robyn Halverson, Financial Assistant
rhalverson@thedoor.org | ext 1104

Jim Taylor, Supply Coordinator
jtaylor@thedoor.org | ext 1131

Brad Stenson, Facility Manager
bstenson@thedoor.org | ext 1117


Joel Hanson, Pastor of Worship
jhanson@thedoor.org | ext 1403

Julia Anderson, Worship Associate
janderson@thedoor.org | ext 1409

Scott Madison, Production Manager
smadison@thedoor.org | ext 1410

Korey Ellis, Production Assistant

Deb Raab, Weekend Team Coordinator
draab@thedoor.org | ext 1404




Governing Board of Elders

The Governing Board of Elders exists to lead and serve the church by listening for the direction of God and leading the church in that direction through prayer, policy development, staff and laity empowerment, and by example. 

Current Board Members

Steve Pukal (Chairperson & President)

Dave Fredrickson (Vice Chairperson)

Rich Graske (Secretary)

Ben Monseth

Wayne Thyren