We are a people committed to the radical notion that we can be transformed by God.

The Center offers half-day and weekend retreats for people to encounter the presence of God and learn the spiritual rhythms and practices that help us carry the presence of Jesus into our everyday, ordinary lives.

Half-day Retreats

The Center for Spiritual Formation offers retreats that focus on deepening a life with God and with others. Each retreat focuses on ways to cultivate avenues for God to transform us by arranging our ordinary, everyday lives around intentional spiritual practices. Participate in the Saturday morning sessions of the cohort experience as a stand-alone experience. Participants can register for each retreat individually without the two-year commitment.

Formational community

A two-year experience designed to deepen your life in God, the Formational Community includes a commitment to eight quarterly weekend retreats, monthly meetings with a spiritual companion group between each retreat, and reading one book per quarter. Each retreat begins with a light meal on Friday evening (6-9pm) and concludes on Saturday afternoon (9am-3pm, lunch included). The retreats are held at Open Door and do not include an overnight stay. 

Contact Dawn | ext 1406

A new two-year community begins Fall 2018.

The Center Cohort Booklet (PDF)

current cohort Schedules

Cohort B

Nov 10-11, 2017

Cohort C

Oct 13-14, 2017; Jan 12-13, 2018; Apr 13-14, 2018; Jul 13-14, 2018

Cohort D

Oct 27-28, 2017; Feb 2-3, 2018; May 4-5, 2018; Aug 3-4, 2018; Nov 2-3, 2018; Feb 1-2, 2019; May 3-4, 2019; Aug 2-3, 2019