Half day Retreats

Each retreat focuses on a spiritual practice and its relevance to our lives.  Lunch is not included.

Getting Real:  Knowing Self, Knowing God

Who am I? Who is God? When we discover our true and false self patterns, the essence of who we really are is unleashed. We are free to live out of our truest self in God for the sake of others.  This is the fifth retreat in a series of eight from The Center for Spiritual Formation. 

Sat, Oct 14, 9am-12pm

Cost: $20

Register by Oct 8

Awakening to Life with God: Spiritual Practices as Invitations to Transformation

We all deeply desire to connect with God and with others. Practicing faithful rhythms of living, in response to these deeper desires of the heart, awakens our life with God and promotes real transformation.  This is the first retreat in a series of eight from The Center for Spiritual Formation. 

Sat, Oct 28, 9am-12pm

Cost: $20

Register by Oct 22

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One significant way of being part of the Open Door community is through officially joining us in

the struggle of becoming fully alive in God. 

If you have been personally impacted by Open Door, if you believe in this place, 

and if you desire to make this your church home, then we want to know you!

Open Door members agree to:

  1. Desire to follow Jesus in every area of their life, intentionally investing in their relationships with God, others and Open Door.
  2. Seek transformation in their life by attending the weekend services and engaging with the message, Connecting with others at Open Door, and through sacrificial giving.
  3. Affirm the mission and values of Open Door. 
  4. Step forward to say, “Yes! You can count on me to carry this place in my heart."

To begin the process, first attend Open Door 101. At the end of the class, you’ll have an opportunity to become a member. Contact: Julia | ext 1902