child dedication

For Christian parents, child dedication is a sacred act of intentionally placing their child in the hands of a loving God, in recognition that it is only in God their son or daughter will find fullness of life. At Open Door, we believe that Child Dedication is a an opportunity for parents to dedicate and commit their child to a loving God, and to pray and proclaim their desire for faithful following.

Child dedication is a beginning point in the journey of faith. Like baptism, it does not magically produce salvation. The dedication ceremony provides an opportunity to invite the Spirit of God to work in the heart and life of the child to bring him or her to a place of faith. At Open Door, we offer a special ceremony for parents to dedicate their child/ren to the Lord. It give parents a chance to remember the gift that their child is as well as consider their desires for themselves as parents and for their child/ren.

We have created this helpful resource which is designed to provide practical answers to many questions you or your child might have in relation to Child Dedication. 

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