Plan for od community life

We’ve loved seeing God working through YOU, our church, throughout the COVID19 pandemic.

Often, people only think of the church as a building but now – more than ever – it’s evident that PEOPLE are really the Church!


Throughout this pandemic we’ve all had to make adjustments…major adjustments, hard adjustments…to how we live life. Our work, study, play, and worship don’t look the same. It’s been difficult and disorienting and thrown us off. Now that the “Stay at Home” order has been lifted and some activities are starting up, there are questions about what that means for us at Open Door. We’ve wondered that too! First off, the safety of our congregation is at the top of our minds and is a priority for us in all the decisions we’re making as we continue to plan for moving forward. Until we can safely provide in person worship experiences, we are going to continue to connect, grow and engage digitally (see our tentative timeline below). Church is family and we’ve missed being together in person. Gratefully there have still been many opportunities to worship & connect digitally during this time


We know that some of us may disagree with our decisions. You may think it’s too soon or too late. That’s ok! It’s okay to have your

own views about political issues or issues within the church, that's one of our favorite things about Open Door; even when we disagree we can still follow Jesus together! Remember with us that Jesus said that his disciples would be known by their love.

When we disagree, let's lead with love.


As soon as we have more information, we’ll make updates here, as well as through email and on our social media platforms. If you need help getting plugged-in or have questions shoot an email to info@thedoor.org.

Click to see our big picture Community Life Plan.

Our tentative plan moving forward:

  • BEGINNING IN JUNE:  We believe that gathering together is important! For those who are not immune-compromised we encourage you to gather, as you feel comfortable, with a small group to watch the Sunday service together. This could include friends, neighbors, family or people you know from Open Door. 
  • BEGINNING IN JULY: We're offering a brand new opportunity called Open Yard! Open Yard is an outdoor opportunity for a Sunday morning, in-person, socially distanced gathering in backyards all over the metro, hosted by a wonderful leader and with a group of 25 people or less. Find more info and a link to register on the COVID-19 page. We will continue to offer the online service in addition to this in-person opportunity. Not ready to meet in person yet? Check out The Gathering@9; an online opportunity to connect with others and watch the service together from the comfort of your home.

Why did we decide to stick with online worship for now?

  • Out of love and responsibility for the people in our congregation who work in healthcare and who are more susceptible to the virus.
  • We are not acting out of fear, but rather out of respect for the community we serve.
  • God has made a way for us to gather digitally in this time, for that we are grateful.


How can I stay up to date on changes Open Door is making?

We are committing to keeping you informed in the following ways

  • Subscribe to our email update list – signup here or email info@thedoor.org to be added
  • Our website will be regularly updated
  • Follow us on social media (FaceBook: @thedoor.org; Instagram: @churchoftheopendoor)

Will the building be open and can my group/family use the building during this time?

The building is open for necessary staff and business operations at this time. We are holding some meetings and gatherings organized by staff on a case-by-case basis. Things that can be done virtually or outside should be done that way when possible. Contact a staff person if you need/want to gather at the building and they will advise you on building use.

When will Next Kids/Next Youth ministry begin again?

Similar to in-person church services, we are still taking in the changing information and making decisions based on what we have access to. We are working to develop methods to approach our programs and serve our families, kids and students well. We want to offer programs that are safe for kids/students, families and volunteers so that everyone can become more fully alive in God together!


Since we aren’t meeting in person, are we still searching for a Lead Pastor? 
Yes, our Search Team is still working hard to represent us, our community, the life of our Body and what God is up to in this place. Candidates are still being sourced, looked at and interviewed even in this strange season. Keep praying for the right fit to come! We are excited and encouraged!

Have a question not covered here? Need more information? Email us at info@thedoor.org.