Life is full of unexpected changes. The death of a loved one, a serious illness or injury, divorce, birth, preparing for and getting married, a change in income or a job loss. Open Door desires to be a non-anxious presence with people who are experiencing times of transition and need God’s hope and healing. In addition to pastoral care, we offer support groups and prayer groups. 

If you need prayer, call the PRAYER LINE (763.416.5887 ext 1374) with your request.

Requests are listened to and prayed for weekly. Messages remain on the Prayer Line for one week. 

If you would like someone to return your call, please include your name and phone number. 


Support Groups

At Open Door, we offer safe, grace-filled environments where people share personal stories, be honest and authentic

with what they are feeling and thinking, and can be heard in an atmosphere of acceptance, encouragement, and

understanding. Connect with others in a safe space as you seek healing in Christ.

Most groups are open but require notification before joining to honor privacy in the group.

For questions or more information about a specific group, 

reach out to the contact person listed below or email us at


We will explore the shared experiences of cumulative grief and loss in our lives and in the life of Jesus. There are many types of losses in addition to the death of a loved one: losses of health, marriage, occupation, and physical contact with loved ones and friends due to Covid, just to name a few.


Together we will create a safe, welcoming space to encounter the Presence of God. We will have the opportunity to share where we are in our journey of grief and practice ways of becoming present to God’s loving Presence with others. Walk-ins welcome.


Contact: Bob McKenna |

When: 2nd Sundays, 11:30am-12:30pm

Location: Open Door, Room 104

Walk-ins Welcome


Sexual compulsion has so much shame attached to it in our culture and with easier access to the internet, more men are finding themselves stuck in this addiction. This group uses the AA 12-steps program. If you are finding yourself struggling in this area, join with other men seeking sobriety. For more information or to talk with someone contact Marc. Walk-ins welcome

Contact: Sexaholics Anonymous Info Line | 952-985-1016

When: Sundays, 7:45-9am

Location: Open Door, Room 112

Other locations for this group found here:

Walk-ins Welcome


Historically, a well has been a place where women have gathered in community and could draw not only water, but encouragement from one another. Here, widows come together in a safe and nurturing environment that allows them to continue to grow and learn in this season of life. It’s a place where women can say the name of their late husband and feel that others understand what it feels like to lose someone so close. We're doing this potluck style, so please bring something to share. 

Contact: Annie-Claude Toll | | ext 1300

When: 3rd Sundays, 11:30am-1:30pm (no meeting June 19)

Bring: Food to share for a potluck

Location: Open Door, Room 104

Walk-ins Welcome


  • sunday MORNING PRayer

    Prayer team members are available on Sunday mornings to come alongside people in their places of need and to seek Jesus together. Prayer ministers are located at the front left of the sanctuary after each gathering.

    Interested in joining the Prayer Team? You can find more info here.

  • 24hr PRAYER line

    If you need prayer, call the PRAYER LINE (763.416.5887 ext 1374) with your request.

    Requests are listened to and prayed for weekly. Messages remain on the Prayer Line for one week. 

    If you would like someone to return your call, please include your name and phone number. 

  • restoration through prayer

    Are you seeking inner healing? Would you like to encounter Jesus’ presence in the midst of the challenges in your everyday life? Sign up for a one-hour session and be guided through an intentional time of listening prayer and inner healing with a trained prayer leader. 



    Contact: Rose Larson |

    When: Varies, one hour in length

    Location: Open Door (Zoom option available)

    Sign Up Here

CARE Ministry


Open Door's Care Response Ministry is available to those in need of emotional and spiritual care during a hospitalization or long-term illness, as well as for those in need of a caring presence while grieving the loss of a loved one. This may include a phone conversation, communion served at home or hospital visits. Contact: Annie-Claude | | (763) 416-5846 ext 1300


In partnership with the funeral home and caterers, Open Door walks alongside families suffering the loss of a loved one to create a service that honors their loved one in an atmosphere of support and care. We also provide care and resources for ongoing grief support. Contact: Bob | | (763) 416-5846 ext 1302


An Open Door pastor is available to meet with married couples on a short-term basis to provide a place to examine the condition of their marriage and, if necessary, discuss options for beginning the process of restoring the marriage through outside counseling resources. Call or email for a pastoral appointment.

Contact: | (763) 416-5846 ext 1302


There is a preparation process for attenders who seek to be married at Open Door or by a Pastor from Open Door. 

Premarriage Process PDF



Those who have been actively attending Open Door for a year or more and encounter short-term financial distress may receive a gift from the Benevolent Fund. This fund is sustained by donations provided by the Open Door community and is carefully and compassionately dispersed. To donate to the Benevolent Fund click here.
Contact: Annie-Claude | | (763) 416-5846 ext 1300


Booklet providing a listing of Christian Counselors, Psychiatrists, Spiritual Directors and Retreat Centers recommended by Open Door. It also outlines Open Door’s guidelines for pastoral appointments.
Resources for Life (PDF)


We encourage you to contact Open Door for support and prayer in response to any of your care needs. Additionally, the following local and national resources are also available as a starting point for care provided beyond Open Door:

Outside Resources (PDF)


Many times in life, especially when life gets hard, we need to remember the truth of what God says to us and about us. Wherever you find yourself, we encourage you to take ten minutes and watch and/or listen to this video as a source of truth from God's word to you, God's Beloved!

My Beloved (Video)


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