Formational Community 2018-2020

The Formational Community is a two-year experience designed to deepen your life in God for the sake of others.

What is involved in this experience?
As a participant of this experience, you will gather with 72 men and women on retreat every quarter to learn how to cultivate spiritual rhythms in your everyday, ordinary life. Weekend retreats include engaging lectures from seasoned leaders, conversations around tables with your companion group, and time alone to practice and process God’s personal invitations to you in your spiritual journey. 

Each retreat begins with a light meal on Friday evening (6-9pm) and concludes on Saturday afternoon (9am-3pm, lunch included). The retreats are held at Open Door and do not include an overnight stay. Between retreats, you will gather twice with your assigned companion group to share how God has been encountering you in your spiritual journey. Groups are structured around guidelines that encourage spiritual listening to one another and to God.

Our veteran teachers practice what they teach and know what it means to live a life of faith in the world. You will hear stories from their personal lives and their ministries. Their teaching is vulnerable and real and always intersects with ordinary life. It is enhanced by writings from a rich and diverse collection of Christian authors, such as Ruth Haley Barton, Henri Nouwen, David Benner, M. Robert Mulholland, Richard Foster, and Mark Labberton.

Is the Formational Community a good fit for me? 

While we encourage everyone to honestly face the commitments involved in this experience, anyone who desires to deepen their life in God is welcome. As a church ministry, we are open to anyone who is committed to intentional spiritual growth. Practically speaking, the commitments for this experience include…

  • Retreat Participation: Each participant is expected to attend all eight quarterly retreats in their entirety from Friday evening until Saturday afternoon. You are also encouraged to intentionally and regularly practice the spiritual disciplines taught at each retreat.
  • Reading: Participants commit to reading one assigned book between every retreat.
  • Companion Group Meetings: Participants are placed in spiritual companion groups that meet monthly between each retreat, in other words, twice between each retreat. The quarterly retreat and companion group meetings mean a monthly commitment for the two-year experience.

What does it cost?

Total cost for the two-year experience is $400, divided as follows: $80 non-refundable (holds your spot upon acceptance) plus $40 per quarter ($320 total over two years) due the Sunday before each retreat regardless of retreat attendance.

Contact: Anne-Marie | (763) 416-5846 ext 1400

Cohort E participants have been selected. And registration is closed.  

The Center Cohort Booklet (PDF)

Individual Half-Day Retreats

The Center also offers the Saturday morning sessions of the Formational Community as a stand-alone experience. Each retreat focuses on different ways to intentionally arrange our lives around a transformative spiritual practice. 
Half-day retreats can be experienced individually without a long-term commitment.

Cost: $20 per retreat (lunch not included)

For registration details, see Upcoming Half-Day Retreats on our Adults page.


We are a people committed to the radical notion that we can be transformed by God.

The Center offers half-day and weekend retreats for people to encounter the presence of God and be changed. Every retreat focuses on intentional rhythms as ways to invite God to transform us in our everyday, ordinary lives.

In order to make a way for everyone to participate, The Center offers two options with different time commitments: a two-year community experience and individual half-day retreats.

Formational community

A two-year experience designed to deepen our life in God and with others, the Formational Community helps us cultivate spiritual rhythms in our everyday, ordinary lives. It includes a commitment to eight quarterly weekend retreats, monthly meetings with a spiritual companion group between each retreat, and reading one book per quarter. Each retreat begins with a light meal on Friday evening (6-9pm) and concludes on Saturday afternoon (9am-3pm, lunch included). The retreats are held at Open Door and do not include an overnight stay.  

Contact Dawn | ext 1406

A new two-year community begins Fall 2018.

The Center Cohort Booklet (PDF)

current cohort Schedules

Cohort C

Jul 13-14, 2018; Aug 24-25, 2018

Cohort D

May 4-5, 2018; Aug 3-4, 2018; Nov 2-3, 2018; Feb 1-2, 2019; May 3-4, 2019; Aug 2-3, 2019