Remarkable Christianity
Sat, Apr 27th 9am - 4pm
Church of the Open Door 9060 Zanzibar Lane N Maple Grove, Minnesota 55311

Why are Christians so terribly divided along racial, ethnic, political and other lines, nullifying Jesus prayer of unity as a sign that Christianity is the real deal? How often have you heard (or said yourself) that some of the nicest people you’ve ever met are not Christian? The truth is that the problems are often not intuitive. Thus, these areas are never brought to the feet of Jesus for full examination and never become part of our discipleship. We are good Christians, but not particularly remarkable. This full-day workshop led by Bethel University Professor, Ruben Rivera, will introduce you to the surprising ways that even sincere Christians can be hindered by culturally captive ingroup influences, and contrast this with what Rivera calls Remarkable Christianity. Contact: Rose at Sat, Apr 27, 9am-4pm Cost: $45 (includes lunch) Register by Apr 21